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Luminaria 2014 • November 7-8

For over 300 years San Antonio has been a crossroads between cultures.  In 2014 Luminaria celebrates San Antonio’s heritage by presenting Between North & South, an inspiring mix of local and international talent.  The festival expands to two nights of art, music and performance, and it adds its first ever daytime events, a provocative afternoon of discussion chaired by the Western Arts Alliance.

Over 3,000 Artists exhibited.

Over 1 million people attended.

Over 1,200 visual art installations,

Over 900 performances, readings & other events




Ortiz lives and works in San Antonio. He uses print, performance and film to address issues related to growing up in the bicultural landscape of South Texas.

Jason Villegas writes, “My work expresses human desire through naive representations of man, animal, machine, microbiology, cosmology and merchandise… [using] recon...


The unexpected experience of a concentrated moment; a chance constellation of randomness which, surprisingly, produces a moment of silent concentration and heightened presence. ...

Kaitlynn Redell and Sara Jimenez are multi-disciplinary artists engaged in intense collaboration. “Through a continual dialogue around ancestry, race, and cultural histori...