San Antonio's Contemporary Arts Festival
November 10-11, 2017


2017 Luminaria Artists

A'lante Flamenco

Austin, Texas

A'lante Flamenco will perform a brand new dance evoking a safari called The Flamenco and Other Wildlife in the grotto by the San Antonio River. The production will take the audience on a safari to a wondrous world full of music, movement, and magical beasts! Viewers of all ages will be mesmerized by the stunning projected backdrops, creative costuming and dancing that evokes the essence of animals from all around the world.


San Antonio, Texas

Oklahoma born R&B singer-songwriter AMEA has been rising to attention with music and style often compared to Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, and Syd the Kid. After countless shows throughout the United States, AMEA’s music has garnered acclaim with the release of her single record, "VayCay" shortly followed by her 2016 EP release Baggage Claim, via Spotify, and Soundcloud. With energetic live performances, AMEA enlightens and relates to her listeners with sub-conscious lyrics. She writes music with the mantra, "Inspire, Love, Dream."AMEA will perform on the UNAM stage.

Artpace Teen Council

San Antonio, Texas

For Luminaria 2017, Artpace Teen Council, in collaboration with Brenda L. Burmeister, will work with local teens and four San Antonio artists to create artwork in augmented reality (AR) that will be scattered in and around Hemisfair park. The AR pieces will include videos, images, words, sound, polls, and much more. The artwork will be accessible to any viewer with a smartphone, and viewers will be encouraged to search the Luminaria footprint for the artwork.

Ballet San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

Ballet San Antonio's artistic director Willy Shives has put together a program called Something Stupid to premiere at Luminaria 2017. The theme is described by a quote by poet Paul Valéry, "Love is being stupid together." Ballet San Antonio will perform in the Mexico Cultural Institute.

Ben Jackson

Houston, Texas

Ben Jackson got his first taste of the comedy stage the summer of 2011. After following a strong list of comics at an open mic in 2012, he really kicked his comedy career into overdrive. Speaking on personal experiences he's witnessed, Ben has performed at the Houston Improv, Arlington Improv, Laugh It Comedy Lounge, and the Joke Joint Comedy Showcase. In 2017, he placed 2nd in the Funniest In South Texas Competition. Ben Jackson will perform stand-up comedy on the UNAM stage.

Bill Simons

San Antonio, Texas

Bill Simons attempts to recreate the days of the circus sideshow in his work for Luminaria 2017. Visitors step through a curtain, and instead of seeing a bearded lady, they will see seven of his equally unique illuminated sculptures. Simons has been creating illuminated art for several years, and his work has been featured in several San Antonio galleries. Simons work will be shown in Yanaguana Garden near Cesar Chavez Blvd.

Cade Bradshaw

San Antonio, Texas

Cade Bradshaw is a visual artist formally trained in biology. His work uses the scientific process to explore the complexity of our world. Making observations about our environments and lives, he devises quantitative and qualitative studies. Through this analysis, Cade makes objects exploring the nature of our realities. For Luminaria 2017, Bradshaw has produced a minimalist video loop that will illuminate the dark windows of the historic Hermann Schultz House.


San Antonio, Texas

Caesura is most interested in bridging the gap between poetry and communities. Members Melanie Robinson and Claudia Cardona visualize a future where poetry is tangible and accessible to all, a world where poetry isn’t intimidating. Their Luminaria project, Ololyga: Think Like a Mouth, explores the contributions and history of women in poetry. Caesura's project will specifically highlight women of color, queer women, and local women poets who are fundamental to the history of poetry. This project aims to be a space where poetry is both interactive and informative. Ololyga: Think Like a Mouth is a three-room installation that will be exhibited in UNAM.


Austin, Texas

COLLIDE will perform their project TRAFFIC JAM created by artist Steve Parker that makes large-scale performances for machines of transportation, utilizing carhorn orchestras, pedicab choreography, musical golfcarts, and amplified bicycles. For Luminaria, COLLIDE will premiere a new work for two icons of central Texas: the automobile and the marching band. This new work will feature the Alamodome’s resident marching band, the Spirit of San Antonio (SOSA) and a symphony of carhorns, performed in a parking lot by audience members. Each participant will be provided with an intuitive graphic score and stopwatch, and will “play” their vehicles - no previous musical experience will be necessary. To participate with your vehicle, sign up here!

COLLIDE will perform in the parking lot by Magik Theatre.

CRITT Project

San Antonio, Texas

The CRITT (Conversations Representing Individual Thoughts Together) Project is a collaborative effort by Texas-based artists formed to foster dialogue through group exhibitions and critiques; project members Almendra C. Desmond, Yma Luis, Hilary Scullane are uniting to perform Burst for Luminaria 2017. Hoping to inspire new human connections and conversations, performers will move in a seemingly choreographed dance, creating massive bubbles and using the human form and its movement to directly effect the shapes and sizes of the bubbles produced. This performance can be seen on the grassy slope along the river off of Market St.

Daisy & Buck

San Antonio, Texas

Missy & EPSR Martinez are Daisy & Buck, and they are presenting Scratch-n-Stitch for Luminaria 2017. They will perform side by side, exhibiting their individual passions in parallel; DJ ESPR will manipulate sound with the needle of his record player, and Missy will manipulate fabric with the needles of her sewing machine. This battle-performance will take place at the Longini Hermann house.


Austin, Texas

Core Members: Misa YamamotoFabian VillaSteven CasanovaAdrian OrozcoSixto-Juan Zavala

Essentials is a multi-media collective producing holistic applied arts experiences. The group creates a platform for emerging talent, innovative voices, and unseen narratives where collaboration is celebrated. Essentials is composed of and embraces artists of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. For Luminaria 2017, Essentials presents Biochromatic, which examines the limitations and exploitations of human perception. Photography, print, projection, and installation are utilized to explore uncommon arrangements of light, such as those found in the fringes of the natural world or on the edges of the human visible spectrum. Biochromatic will be exhibited in the Mexico Cultural Institute.
Esther de Monteflores

Seattle, Washington

Esther de Monteflores is an American circus artist, physical performer and choreographer. In her work, Esther seeks a balance between technical skill and expressive movement. Circus arts allow her to create work that is both intimate and spectacular, using the inherent element of risk to focus attention and spark imagination. De Monteflores’ latest work, Tiny Cities, is an absurd and whimsical celebration of Columba Livia, the common pigeon. Perched on a power line, windowsill or park bench, the pigeon is the wildness in our cities, inviting us to change our perspective and see our homes in a new light. She will perform Tiny Cities in Yanaguana Garden.


San Antonio, Texas

Filthy is an experimental darkwave post punk three piece from San Antonio, Texas, described as “beautifully dark & art damaged princes.” Alex Alvarado and Leonard Guerra started the band in 2014. Their current lineup was formed in 2016 with the addition of Rick Flores on electronics. For Luminaria, Filthy plans to perform a set of original music that is a side of San Antonio's underground music scene that is rarely heard, accompanied by projected imagery and texture that Filthy has selected for each song. Filthy will perform in UNAM.

Frank Valdez

Los Angeles, California

Frank Valdez specializes in painting people from underrepresented populations: immigrants, day laborers, students, maids and janitors. For Luminaria, Valdez will work in and around Hemisfair park, painting portraits and landscapes of people and places in San Antonio. In UNAM, Valdez will exhibit the painting series that tell a fuller story of the Hemisfair area than any one piece could manage.

Gabriela Santiago and Nicolas Rivard

San Antonio, Texas

Did you know that Hemisfair Park was once a neighborhood called Germantown? Artists Gabriela Santiago and Nicolas Rivard will commemorate the cycle of commerce and community that has existed in the Hemisfair area for centuries by recreating signage of businesses that existed in the pre-1968 World's Fair Germantown neighborhood in white neon. During Luminaria 2017, look for illuminated, neon signage hung above contemporary interpretations of the archived businesses starting at Hemisfair Boulevard and Nueva Street.

Gera Lozano

Brooklyn, New York

Gera Lozano is a conceptual artist based out of Brooklyn, New York who intentionally beautifies and brings to light both sacred patterns and the patterns woven into our social fabric. Lozano will paint three overlapped murals in three colors that can be viewed separately as colored lights illuminate the mural throughout the night of Luminaria. Gera Lozano's mural will be on the back wall of the Magik Theatre.

Henry Brun and The Latin Playerz

San Antonio, Texas

The Latin Playerz, led by Grammy Award winning Henry Brun, will play latin jazz music driven by folkloric, Afro Caribbean rhythms. Interpretive dancers will accompany the band; the musicians and dancers alike will use their body and paintbrushes to express their interpretation of the music on canvas as they perform. This original performance can be seen on the Main Stage.

House of Trees

San Antonio, Texas

House of Trees will present Word Around Town, a collaborative project between San Antonio artists, writers and poets who have created a network of illuminated, vintage, lettered signs that celebrate the people, landscape and culture of San Antonio. This project is built up of a series of double-sided arrowed marquees that focus messages toward the history of the city, its culture and Hemisfair itself. Word Around Town will be installed on the main path in Hemisfair, near UNAM and Mexico Cultural Institute, and will feature the works of Naomi Shihab Nye and John Phillip Santos.

Jason Ibarra

San Antonio, Texas

Jason Ibarra, also known as "Popguy," will install a new light collage called Artist and Eye in Yanaguana Garden. Ibarra recently exhibited at the Culture Commons Gallery inside the Plaza de Armas Building in San Antonio.


Julia Barbosa Landois

Houston, Texas

Julia Barbosa Landois is a performance, installation, and video artist. Her work for Luminaria takes the form of a two-dimensional walking meditation labyrinth made out of repurposed materials found in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and based on suburban expansion in Texas metro areas. The work is inspired by similar patterns found across the world, from prehistoric petroglyphs in modern-day California to the floor of Chartres Cathedral. Visitors are invited to contemplate effects of the suburban lifestyle while slowly traversing on foot a map made possible solely by the culture of cars. Placement of this piece in the 19thcentury Carriage House in Hemisfair Park provides a further point of historical contrast and begs questions about the future of San Antonio’s footprint.

K23 Gallery

San Antonio, Texas

K23 Gallery will feature a brilliant, melodious multicolored paradise of light and sound featuring three musical acts including Jerry Paper, a postmodern synth-pop producer from Los Angeles. Dancers as well as world-class light artists including Ether Wave, a 1960’s revivalist style light show from Austin, will accompany the musical acts. K23 Gallery will install a special performance area in the Magik Theatre Lobby.

King Pelican

San Antonio, Texas

King Pelican members Ernest Hernandez, Darren Kuper and Lloyd Walsh are 3 sonic pioneers, monitoring and listening to the echoes of surf and garage subcultures of the 1960s, while also heeding the call of 21st century rock and roll. King Pelican will call attention to the importance of the upcoming 50th anniversary of Hemisfair '68 with an original multimedia suite called TRANSFORMATION 68: THE CONFLUENCE OF SAN ANTONIO AND HEMISFAIRthat marries 8 original King Pelican instrumental compositions to iconic images from the Hemisfair '68 World's Fair. This performance can be seen on the Main Stage at Luminaria 2017.

Land Heritage Institute

San Antonio, Texas

Land Heritage Institute (LHI), in collaboration with EPIcenter, Local Initiatives Support Corporation, and the Land Art Generator Initiative,is proud to present the world’s first Solar Mural installation,  a Land Art Generator artwork.La Monarca, a giant loteria card celebrating San Antonio’s status as the National Wildlife Federation’s first Monarch Butterfly Champion City, includes an image by San Antonio artist Cruz Ortiz. The image is embedded into the solar-energy-producing-film that constitutes the surface of this Land Art Generator artwork. LHI will also be hosting the 5th biennial LHI Art-Sci Symposium in partnership with Luminaria in Southtown on Saturday, November 11, 9am-4pm at The Mercury Project (538 Roosevelt Avenue), free and open to the public. For further information, please click here.

Larry Garza

San Antonio, Texas

Larry Garza will perform his brand of a stand-up comedy that blends his San Antonio, non-Spanish speaking origins with cynical satire about married life, social media, disease and religion. Larry Garza's performance can be seen at UNAM.

Leland Drexler-Russell

Austin, Texas

Leland Drexler-Russell launched TransPlant Design to imbue the world with an added sense of enchantment. He uses special effects techniques to create large, interactive installations that envelop participants in surreal environs. His inspiration comes from the amazingly diverse flora and fauna found on our earth and speculative astrobiology of faraway worlds. For Luminaria, Drexler-Russell has created a collection of large, woven, illuminated sculptures titled Awakening, which are brought to life by viewer participation. Curious artifacts stir upon human presence, leading viewers through an enchanted trail along the San Antonio Riverwalk.

Lower Dens

Baltimore, Maryland

Ribbon Music is pleased to announce the return of Baltimore's Lower Dens with their third album, Escape from Evil. On Escape From Evil, Lower Dens' Jana Hunter emerges: cerebral and hot-blooded, rash and incorruptible, and, crucially, possessing of a loud, clear voice. The album sees Hunter stepping up and taking center stage, and emboldening every aspect of the band.

Lower Dens will perform on the Main Stage.

Magik Theatre

San Antonio, Texas

The Magik Theatre has been providing children and families with professional, accessible, literature-based theater and education since 1994. The Magik Theatre will present Excerpts from the Kingdom of Texas at the Mexico Cultural Institute. 

Marisela Barrera

San Antonio, Texas

Marisela Barrera creates Tex-Mex stories on stage and in print. She is a genre fluid writer, with over twenty-five published essays, and she has directed over fifty plays in various venues: from street corners and cantinas to San Antonio’s Tobin Center. For Luminaria, she will perform GenteTalk: Testimonios from San Antonio, a live theatre performance which she prepared for by capturing stories from gente (people) from each general sector of San Antonio: Southside, Eastside, Westside and Northside. She will use these unheard stories as source material for her performance, which can be seen at the Mexico Cultural Institute at Luminaria 2017.

Matthias Neumann

Brooklyn, New York

Matthias Neumann is an artist based in New York City. His work fluctuates between architecture and a wide range of artistic media, with a particular focus on public art and installations in the public sphere. Neumann will create a sculpture conceived site-specifically at Hemisfair Park by reacting to his environment as he builds. Neumann's sculpture will be built behind the Mexico Cultural Institute.

Michael Menchaca

San Antonio, Texas

For Luminaria 2017, Michael Menchaca has created a video installation rich with repeated patterns, animations and a lightshow that will hint at the building's 1968 World's Fair usage history. Menchaca's installation will convert the facade of the Sweeney house into a large-scale altarpiece that attempts to connect the structure back to its previous Irish immigrant residents.

Miniature Curiosa

San Antonio, Texas

Through low-fi technology, puppetry, toy theater, and non-linear storytelling, Miniature Curiosa explores the underbelly of childhood nostalgia with the disappointed eyeballs of adulthood. For Luminaria 2017, members Murphi Cook and Zach Dorn will premiere The Clown Was Stung by Wasps, their most ambitious project to date. In this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience, five teens cozy up into yet another Friday night at Big Red's Drive In. Except this time, audiences can tune into their chatter via FM radios. Simultaneously, an obscure silent-film hits the big screen, creating a strange and enchanting landscape performed through the magic of live-projection puppetry. Together, these spectacles combine to create an immersive evening of secrets, nostalgia, and perhaps even a bit of terror. The Clown Was Stung by Wasps can be seen at the parking lot behind Magik Theatre on Alamo St.

Nancy Wood

San Antonio, Texas

Nancy Wood is a classically trained artist currently using photography and digital painting to explore the aesthetics of the natural landscape. The colors in her work are intensified, and the forms are abstracted to express the mystical qualities one experiences while absorbed in the beauty of nature. Her work for Luminaria shows her fascination of the abstract qualities of freeway automobile lights captured in long exposures. Nancy Wood's photograph titled Early Morning Drive in San Antonio will be exhibited outside the Mexico Cultural Institute.

Peterson/Hayes Duo

San Antonio, Texas

Local musicians Kristin Hayes (flute) and Eric Peterson (percussion) will perform a program featuring the world premiere of a new work for flute and percussion by Thad Anderson written specifically for Luminaria 2017. This new work is inspired by three volumes of drumbeats by drummer Billy Martin, which will be incorporated into the piece. The Peterson/Hayes Duo will perform in the Mexico Cultural Institute at Luminaria 2017.


Austin, Texas

ProyectoTeatro will present an original, multi-disciplinary project titled Brujas under the direction of award-winning theatre director Luis Ordaz Gutiérrez, and in collaboration with recognized Latino choreographers Roén Salinas and Jasmine De Leon. Brujas is a dance theatre piece that unravels the mystical representations of brujas (witches) and mythological deities in Mexican folklore to codify the cultural DNA passed on through generations of Latina women.

Public Art San Antonio (PASA)

San Antonio, Texas

Public Art San Antonio will present ART//craft, a travelling gallery and cultural space that delivers arts and culture to San Antonio communities. Sam Houston High School students in building technology classes designed and built the mobile gallery from a discarded shipping container.  Eastside artist SCOTCH! created the exterior mural. ART//Craft makes it's debut at Luminaria where we will exhibit work completed as part of the Eastpoint Public Art Residencies Program, including paintings by Junye Butler and her students, original choreography created by Sam Houston High School dancers with artist Jennifer Edmonds-Jones, a short film by Sam Lerma, and more. ART//craft will be located in front of the Mexican Cultural Institute for Luminaria 2017.


Barcelona, Spain

Reskate is a workshop and graphic arts studio from Barcelona that creates handmade, artisanal projects. Members María López and Javier de Riba - from Donostia-San Sebastián and Barcelona respectively - are primarily dedicated to projects including graphic design, illustration, installations, and murals. Reskate will create a new glow-in-the-dark mural designed for Luminaria 2017. The mural will be located between the historic Sweeney and Hermann Schultz Houses.

Ruth Leonela Buentello

San Antonio, Texas

Ruth Leonela Buentello is passionate about empowering communities through the creation of her personal work and public art. In 2009, Buentello founded the Mas Rudas collective in collaboration with like-minded Chicana artists. Through Mas Rudas, her work has evolved to explore the socio-cultural examinations of Chican@ identity, cultural representations of gender, and the cooptation of Chican@/Tejan@/Latin@ history and culture. Buentello has created an original painting for Luminaria, which depicts a portrait of a contemporary Latina immigrant mother figure. The subject's narrative will be told through the objects that surround her. Ruth Buentello's painting will be mounted along the San Antonio Riverwalk at Hemisfair.

San Antonio Bcycle

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Bcycle is connecting San Antonio to local artists by having artists Ruth Buentello, Kathy Sosa, Cristina Sosa Noriega, Resa Wohlrabe and James Sedgwick paint up to ten Bcycle bike frames from the city's bike share program. The painted bikes will be presented at the Bcycle office in Hemisfair during Luminaria. After their unveiling, the bikes will be added into the Bcycle fleet and can be seen and used by hundreds of thousands of San Antonians and visitors for years to come.

San Antonio Dance Fringe

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Dance Fringe is a group of strong-willed, forward-thinking dancers that have compassion for their fellow person. Sisters Ashley Mazzanti and Sarah Starkweather founded the group in 2009. They have put together a performance for Luminaria that features impeccable technique and touches on current social issues in order to provoke strong feelings. San Antonio Dance Fringe will perform in the Mexico Cultural Institute.


San Antonio, Texas

Sanctuary is an arts collective composed of two aerialists, Julia Langenberg and Ady Franckowiak, a playwright, Sheila Rinear, a theatre director, Lisa Fritschle, three actors, Gloria Sanchez, Marisa Varela, Tyler Keyes, a music composer, Jaime Ramirez, and a lighting/sound designer, Gregory Starbird. They are presenting a performance piece called Beyond Walls for Luminaria 2017. The story carries a timely message of welcoming, refuge, and the human capacity for hope. Beyond Walls can be seen near Yanaguana Garden and the Carriage House.

Sarah Fox & Jared Theis

San Antonio, Texas

Sea of Love is an original animation and musical score created by Sarah Fox and Jared Theis. It will be their most ambitious collaboration to date. The landscape and characters in the animation will be of the land and of the sea. We will be exploring the symbiotic if separate relationship between two main characters, one a young bird boy, the other a mermaid of sorts. The film and sound will provide an immersive environment where visitors can enter a vivid world where creatures familiar yet strange swim, fly and grow on a journey of love and acceptance. Sea of Love will be projected onto the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. The film will also be screened in the Mexico Cultural Institute.

TAB Labs

Oakland, California

TAB Labs members Bill Baird and Taurin Barrera will present Skywave, a new installation made for Luminaria that takes the guise of a radio-centric museum exhibit in the year 2117. The duo plans to provide San Antonians with an uncanny and fun experience of interactive multimedia and immersive A/V. Above all, they aim to provide a unique and memorable experience to visitors -- something they have never seen before, while celebrating San Antonio and the mystery and beauty of radio technology. The location of Skywave is along the San Antonio Riverwalk.


Tatsuya Nakatani

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Tatsuya Nakatani is a Japanese avant-garde percussionist and acoustic sound artist. Based in the United States, he has released over 80 recordings in the last two decades and tours extensively. Utilizing gongs, drums, cymbals, singing bowls, his breath, wooden sticks, metal objects, and the idiosyncratic bows and mallets he handcrafts in his workshop; he sculpts an intense, intuitively primitive, expressive sound form that defies genre. His work engages improvised-experimental music and movement, while still retaining the traditional sense of space, depth and deep time found in Japanese art. For Luminaria 2017, Nakatani will spontaneously compose and perform a fiercely intimate solo acoustic sound piece in Yanaguana Garden.

The Lullwood Group

San Antonio, Texas

The Lullwood group is an artist collective seeking to encourage audience participation, foster exploration and promote art discovery. Members include artists: Chris Castillo, Anthony Francis, Joe Harjo, Joseph Duarte, Julie Ledet, Clay McClure, and Connie Swann. For Luminaria 2017, the group will perform Law of Reflection, in which each member will wear entire-body-covering bodysuits covered in thousands of mirror tiles. The Lullwood Group will explore the entire Luminaria footprint and incorporate the public into their spontaneous performance.

The Octopus Project

Austin, Texas

The Octopus Project is Toto Miranda, Yvonne Lambert, Josh Lambert and Lauren Gurgiolo. The group of multi-instrumentalists has been releasing joyous party music since 2002, following a musical path that veers through blown-out rock’n’roll, vibrant electronics, surreal pop and expansive psych landscapes. The Octopus Project will perform at the Main Stage during Luminaria 2017.

Wayne Holtz

San Antonio, Texas

Wayne Holtz plays an exciting mixture of experimental pop and rock/indie music. He will be performing in UNAM.

PO Box 120188, San Antonio, Texas 78212 (210) 721-1670