San Antonio's Contemporary Arts Festival
November 10-11, 2017


2016 Luminaria Artists

Acts of Kindness

San Antonio, Texas

Acts of Kindness (AOK) is a praise dance troupe that has been performing together since 2007. In conjunction with dancing, they perform plays and skits, read poetry, sing, and present instrumental selections. Under the direction of Veronica L. Berry-Jones the joy of dance brings togetherness and healing.

AOK performed on November 11th at the Dignowity & Lockwood Parks.

Aerial Horizons

San Antonio, Texas

Performing their suspended aerial performance at the Hays Street Bridge. Aerial Horizon, provides top level training for students of all ages as well as offer aerial and ground act entertainment. Led by Julia Langenberg, a former core member of Blue Lapis Light with extensive national experience, Aerial Horizon is San Antonio’s only professional aerial performance company. 

Aerial Horizons performed November 10th on the Hays Street Bridge.

Annele Spector and Kitty Williams

San Antonio, Texas

"Classics Lounge and The Griot Grille" - a storytelling soul kitchen in the heart of The Eastside. When a neighborhood newcomer comes in looking for a job, she gets a lot more than she bargained for... And none of it is on the menu! Williams plays the Griot, and through storytelling, music and video, she weaves her musings on neighborhoods and people that can never be forgotten. Written and performed by Annele Spector and Kitty Williams and featuring SkudR Jones.

Annele Spector & Kitty Williams performed on November 10th at the Little Carver Civic Center.


Austin, Texas

ARCOS is a multimedia dance company with a mission to discover adventurous new forms of contemporary performance. Its Luminaria original work, Spheres, is a site-specific transmedia performance installation featuring two major elements: a series of 360-degree videos which can be accessed by scanning signage with a smartphone at four different sites, and live pop-up dance performances to take place during Luminaria.

ARCOS performed on November 11th at Dignowity & Lockwood Parks.

Arlene Mejorado

San Antonio, Texas

Arlene Mejorado is a photographer, documentarian, and multimedia artist from Los Angeles, now based in San Antonio. Her photographic interests explore themes of diaspora, cultural hybridity, gender-queerness, and racial identities. Her temporary photographic murals throughout the Luminaria footprint highlight her interests in di-hybrid cultural identities.

Arlene Mejorado's murals were unveiled November 9th. They are visible at the corner of E. Houston St. & Chestnut St.

Arte y Pasión

San Antonio, Texas

Arte y Pasión Luminaria, a performance directed by Tamara Adira, is an interdisciplinary series of vignettes that sets to motion, music, and color the spectacle of human action and interaction at the Crossroads of San Antonio. The performances juxtapose flamenco with modern dance, guitar with violin, and music with visual art.

Arte y Pasión performed on November 11th at the Carver: Jo Long Theater.

ArtX Non-Profits

Houston, Texas

ArtX NonProfits presents the GlowOrama performers, fire dancers and light spinners dancing around a fire-breathing art car, creating a joyful visual spectacle in a choreographed performance that will delight all audiences. This is the second Luminaria for ArtX, who also performed in 2011.

ArtX performed on November 11th at Carver Community Cultural Center. 

Ballet San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas

Ballet San Antonio's performance, “Elements” under the direction and choreography of Willy Shives, is inspired by San Antonio’s unpredictable weather. Our post-card perfect skies melt with time into a fiery sunset.  As night falls, a light rain becomes wild and heavy. Alas, we find tranquility under the Autumn Moon. The professional dance company shares its splendor of dance through diverse artistic performances and outreach programs that reflect, promote and enrich cultural heritage of our South Texas community. 

Ballet San Antonio performed on November 11th at the Carver: Jo Long Theater.

Brandon Cunningham

San Antonio, Texas

Cunningham is an individualistic neo-folk-rock singer/songwriter with a strongly individualistic, contemplative style. He writes about love, hope, God, and struggle, the tensions that lie between love and loss, chance and meaning, and brokenness and redemption. 

Brandon Cunningham performed on November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Brett Elmendorf (r26D)

San Antonio, Texas

Elmendorf, is a Technical Designer who believes in applying the power of design to transform technology. His Luminaria project, Eastside Light Rail Experiment v1.1:Abstract Representation of Realtime Rail Kinetics Through a Closed Photoionization Process, was a data driven light sculpture along the rails of the Hays Street Bridge. This data made visibly tangible draws attention to issues of inadequate transportation on San Antonio’s Eastside.

Brett Elmendorf showcased his work on November 10th on the Hays Street Bridge.

Calico Club

San Antonio, Texas

The collaborators, Daecos Tijerina and Kimberly Cardenas making up Calico Club, are a part of San Antonio’s electronic scene. Videoscape is an interactive installation that combines audience participation with cinematic special effects. The Luminaria audience will have access to an arsenal of everyday items and be able to use these improvisational tools to experiment with their own likeness in front of the camera with special effects using green screens and chromakey technology. 

Calico Club presented on November 10th at the Hays Street Bridge.

Cuerpo Etéreo

Monterrey, Mexico

For their San Antonio debut performance founders and avant-garde choreographers Jaime Sierra and Brisa Escobedo employed a contemporary vision and aesthetic for their works of modern dance. “Alma Desnuda” (Nude Soul), a project composed for Luminaria, consists of four-pieces which together are intended to emotionally open and re-sensitize the audience. In its entirety it is set to evoke human relations and emotions through stylized physical interaction, whether a soft caress, or an aggressive approach.  

Cuerpo Etéreo performed on November 11th at the Carver: Jo Long Theater.

Daniel Eime

Caldas da Rainha, Portugal

Eime is a muralist and stencil master whose world-acclaimed street art appears in galleries and public spaces in throughout Europe. His Luminaria mural on Burnet Street is a legacy contribution to the City of San Antonio and marks his debut commission in the United States. This mural is part of the Public Art San Antonio program, with support from the 2012-2017 Bond Program and the National Endowment for the Art’s Our Town Grant.

Daniel Eime's Mural unveiled on November 10th located at the corner of N Cherry St & Burnet St.

David Hale

Chicago, Illinois

Hales art and writing uses current and burgeoning technologies to experiment with form, space, movement, and placement. His work, Engine of Virtue: Stage 2 is an animation that takes text from the Lord’s Prayer and The Diary of Anne Frank. The words are visible in the piece, but then blur into one mass, symbolizing that all virtue is connected, and that hope is universal. A mandala pattern emerges called The Flower of Life, which is symbolic of the universe in its entirety. 

David Hale's work showcased November 10th on the Hays Street Bridge.

Diana Kersey and Kambri Hernandez

San Antonio, Texas

Create. Collapse. Create. is a performance work inspired by the perseverance, struggles, successes and beauty of loved ones who live with mental health disorders. The performance involved working glowing clay and water illuminated by UV lighting on a pottery kick wheel until it becomes precariously thin, out of balance, and ultimately collapses. To create a vessel, work it until it collapses, and then to persevere by creating it again mirrors the daily struggle of mental illness. The performance ends with a beautiful vessel.

Hernandez & Kersey performed November 11th on the grounds of the Carver Community Cultural Center.

Diego Bernal & Ernest Gonzalez

San Antonio, Texas

Bernal is the Texas State Representative for District 123, and a former San Antonio City Councilperson. He's also a DJ whose experimental, instrumental releases have been acclaimed in underground hip-hop beat-maker circles. Bernal performed at the inaugural Luminaria Festival in 2008 and returns with his collaborator, Gonzales  - a music producer, DJ, and educator with over 7 albums released.

Bernal & Gonzalez performed November 10th at the Hays Street Bridge.

Dixon's Violin

Detroit, Michigan

The world's premier visionary violinist, Dixon blends his classical training with soulful improvisation skills and the command of a wide range of digital technology. Dixon improvises on a 5-string electric violin with a looper to create an all-live one-man symphony. Currently touring the U.S. and beyond, he has mesmerized crowds from Burning Man to TEDx, as well as via radio and TV. This year marks Dixon's return to Luminaria. 

Dixon's Violin performed on November 11th on the grounds of the Carver Community Cultural Center.


San Antonio, Texas

Fishermen is an American indie rock soul sextet; Edwin Stephens, Roy Scarvone, Eli Medina, Omar Rosel, Gabe Medina, Jeremy Dowd; who for their Luminaria performance, lead the audience on an operatic and filmic journey inspired by the concept of civil war — not just the American Civil War, but other episodes of violence and civil unrest, whether deadly and historic, or satirical and symbolic.

Fisherman performed on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park and the 12th for the Closing Party at the Healy-Murphy Center.

Future Sailor

San Antonio, Texas

Future Sailor the new project of five avid musicians: Stephanie Huskin, Diane McVey, Jonathan Valderrama, Josh Huskin and Gabe Castillo.  Led by Huskin, with her classically trained voice and melodious piano playing, and McVey, with her subtle yet enriching acoustic guitar work, the band seamlessly blends melancholic tones with dulcet vocal harmonies, achieving a mystifying yet dark and heavy sound that blends elements of pop, jazz, and indie rock. 

Future Sailor performed on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Garrett T. Capps and Phillip Luna

Mu-sick is an immersive conceptual music and media experiment by artists and “electronically converted former sentients” Capps and Luna, who use a mysterious apparatus called the GARPH-8772 to convert the viewer’s thoughts and feelings into “Mu-sick.”

Phillip Luna, aka “PH-72,” calls himself “a former visual and musical artist from the western hemisphere of your planet with “extensive experience in histrionics, empathy, disassociation, synthesizers, drums and bass.”

Garrett T. Capps, aka “GAR-87” is a “former musical artist & domestic byproduct from the western hemisphere with “extensive experience in impulsivity, solipsism, and rock n’ roll.” 

Gemini Ink

San Antonio, Texas

Page to Stage, presented by Gemini Ink explores how different artists (Ben Tremillo, Andrea “Vocab Sanderson, Laurie Dietrich, and Eric Bosse) translate work on the page into performance before an audience. Live performances by different types of literary artists, from poets to performance artists to playwrights, intersect with a meditation or “backstage look” at the process each uses. The featured artists collaborate with a video artist to produce a unique and experimental video.

Gemini Ink performed on November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Iker Muro

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

Iker Muro is a Spanish muralist renowned for his exuberant, semi-abstracted explosions of strong color with pop elements. His murals focus on refracted light, exploring what he calls “the power of the light shining on plants, nature and us.” His Luminaria mural “Neon Drive”, a legacy gift to San Antonio, lights up the underpass at Nolan Street. This mural is part of the Public Art San Antonio program, with support from the 2012-2017 Bond Program and the National Endowment for the Art’s Our Town Grant.

Iker Muro's mural unveiled November 9th at the Nolan Street Underpass.

Joan Frederick

San Antonio, Texas

Frederick; a San Antonio artist, bon vivant, and local cultural events supporter; participated in her second Luminaria festival. For 2016, she extended the idea of the minimalist aluminum boxes by Donald Judd at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas, by producing similarly shaped sculptures in large cube form. Lit from within by light that progressively shifts through the colors of the rainbow. The sensory-rich result is an engaging experience rooted in art history, but changing with each moment.

Joan Fredericks work roved from Hays Street Bridge & Dignowity / Lockwood Park on November 10th & 11th.

Joe Reyes and Paul Fauerso with Film Artists

San Antonio, Texas

SET, organized by artists Joey Fauerso and Liz Rodda, is a video exhibition that combines silent films with live musical performances. Experimental in nature, the project considers the ways in which artists work in anticipation of an unknown auditory response and, in turn, how musicians and performers reply to a divergent range of imagery. This short film event will feature original compositions and performances by musicians Fauerso and Reyes, and include silent video works by Cheryl Donegan, Celeste Fichter, Duncan Ganley, Tatiana Istomina, Susan Jacobs, Maura Jasper, Liz Rodda, Luz Maria Sánchez, Barron Sherer, Joey Fauerso, and Michael Velliquette. 

Reyes & Fauerso performed on November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Kaldric Dow

San Antonio, Texas

Dow a contemporary realistic portrait painter characterized by vibrant skin tones, intense lighting, contrasting shapes, and bold compositions. Encountering art by African-Americans in Museums as a child sparked his artistic process. Recently motivated by the significant memory, he embarked on a project to represent his heritage. For Luminaria, he will exhibit new portraits that honor women and men of the Eastside San Antonio neighborhood in and surrounding the Luminaria footprint.

Kaldric Dow presented his work on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park.

Kara Salinas

San Antonio, Texas

Artist and educator Salinas works on cross-disciplinary art, with a passion for material re-use and architecture. Tentsallation, her Luminaria project, grew from the historic Hays Street Bridge in a “pseudo-skin” of tent materials. The illuminated forms, each different in color and brightness, suggests a cloud of lanterns against San Antonio’s night sky. 

Kara Salinas' installation unveiled November 10th at the Hays Street Bridge.


San Antonio, Texas

Kerfuffle an art collective formed to provoke a change in the way that people view art. For Luminaria, members Kat Berrospe, Layla Lustri and Alberto Salazar installed a pop-up gallery mobilizing art, and everything that normally surrounds it, by bringing the gallery straight to the people. The collective's intentions included raising questions about the legitimacy of the conventional gallery space as well as creating an intimate space in which viewers unify in confusion and surprise.

Kerfuffle presented the Pop-Up Gallery on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Los Dos

El Paso, Texas

Los Dos is the moniker of El Paso-based husband and wife duo Ramon and Christian Cardenas. Their legacy mural for Luminaria, lluminados, is inspired by the US and Mexico border and the lives of the people who reside there. Los Dos combine their individual styles to create street art installations and gallery work, in order to facilitate dialogue. Their murals are a part of the Public Art San Antonio program, with support from the 2012-2017 Bond Program and the National Endowment for the Art’s Our Town Grant.

Los Dos' murals unveiled November 10th at Hays Street Bridge.

Louis Katz

Corpus Christi, Texas

A ceramics professor at the Texas A & M Corpus Christi campus Katz is best known for the eclectic nature of his work with and about clay. For Luminaria, Katz presented his work “YCLAY” a six screen encompassing theater playing a clay-centric video, showcasing Katz in action creating functional-ware then transitioning to himself in a dialogue of his conceptual work. 

Louis Katz installation displayed on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park.

Margaret Craig

San Antonio, Texas

Craig, Professor and Chair of Printmaking at the Southwest School of Art, exhibited The Albatross, part of her ongoing, thought-provoking sculpture series, Great Trash Reef, incorporating live performance. Craig says of the Luminaria project, “my premise is that with all the trash humans have dumped in the ocean, nature will use this abundant resource of plastic to evolve new life forms. It is a little incongruous, creating beautiful creatures out of trash, but it gives viewers a way to contemplate the ecological issues.” 

Margaret Craig presented her work November 10th at the Hays Street Brudge & 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Martinez Street Women's Center with Sarah Brooke Lyons

San Antonio, Texas

The work presented by the young women from the center & Lyons addresses San Antonio’s struggles using photography to create three large luminarias. Their work focuses on socio-economic disparities including gentrification, rising obesity, inaccessible healthcare, addiction, and homelessness. 

The Martinez Street Women's Center displayed the luminarias on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Mexican Step Grandfather

San Antonio, Texas

Mexican Step Grandfather, Marco Cervantes, is an activist, musician, poet, educator, and scholar. In his music he combines live instrumentation with intellectual lyricism and covers such topics as Texas education, institutional racism, and border politics. 

MSG performed on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Public Space East

San Antonio, Texas

Public Space East mobilizes local creatives to deliver projects that promote design equity, build common ground, and boost the civic and environmental health of San Antonio’s Eastside community.  Beginning with an alignment of purpose between neighbors seeking to make a lasting impact on their community, P.S. East matured into a team of design professionals, planners, and community leaders focused on the success of the Eastside’s most prominent civic space, the twin Lockwood and Dignowity Parks. A preview of this extensive and uplifting project will be staged for Luminaria.

The Public Space East project displayed their work November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park.


Austin, Texas

For Luminaria 2016, Joel Laviolette and Rattletree members will premiere new music integrated with dynamic video projection mapping, while taking audience members on a journey exploring the music of Zimbabwe’s Shona tribe. Infusing ancient forces with the intensity of modern electronic dance music, Rattletree’s music appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Rattletree performed on November 11th & 12th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Ray Santisteban

San Antonio, Texas

Santisteban is an award-winning filmmaker who will exhibit a triptych of prints depicting The Zoot Suit, a style of dress featuring flamboyantly oversized trousers and jackets, worn in clubs and dance halls where swing music blurred color lines and foreshadowed Rock n’ Roll. The three couples represent the Black Panthers, Young Lords and Young Patriots who represent the Rainbow Coalition, the subject of Santisteban’s upcoming documentary, Time of the Phoenix, the First Rainbow Coalition.

Ray Santisteban presented his work November 11th at the Little Carver Civic Center.

Rick Stemm

San Antonio, Texas

Stemm, a game designer and performance artist, believes that San Antonio can be a hub of the exploration of games and art. He loves incorporating video game elements into more traditional genres and media. For Luminaria 2016, Stemm has orchestrated a multi-media, live-action, game-like performance combining live actors and video projection. The beauty of bodies in motion, imbued with hyper-stylized visual effects, will open an entirely new augmented performance space combining the digital with the actual.

Rick Stemm performed on November 11th at Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 


San Antonio, Texas

Building on their 2013 Luminaria installation, Alumbramiento, multimedia artist and musician Saakred, in collaboration with international photographer Ellie Pritts and local architect Arturo Vilchis, multimedia artist, presents FOUR. The performance project acts as a microcosm for the unpredictable entropic and harmonious movements of the Earth. Involving audience participants with the artist, music is created using a SunVox analog synth programmer. Digital instruments including a string quartet, theremin, digital drums, and analog keys will connect to four chairs colored and lit to represent the four sacred elements: water, fire, earth, and air. 

Saakred presented Alumbramiento on November 11th at the Carver Community Cultural Center.

San Antonio New Media Collective

San Antonio, Texas

The San Antonio New Media Collective, a team of six artists from UTSA; Jason Eric Martinez Gonzales, Eden Collins, Zach Slough, John Dalton Atkins, Martín Rodrígues, Mark McCoin; mounted an exhibition of kinetic human-powered sculptures built for Luminaria 2016. Employing a tricycle or quadricycle frame system; dramatic illumination, and sound elements, each pedal-driven sculpture highlights the aesthetic and conceptual framework of each artist combining art, athleticism, ingenuity, and eccentricity. Traveling in the six pedal-driven vehicular sculpture roving the Luminaria footprint viewers will be able to actively engage with each sculpture. 

SANMC traveled the Dignowity / Lockwood Park footprint on November 11th. 

Sarah Brooke Lyons

San Antonio, Texas

In 2013, Lyons created the 1005 Faces exhibition to showcase the diversity of San Antonio residents. Meditative Light Sculpture employs many elements, including shifting, glowing light and paper copies of four mantras from ancient religious traditions. The visual artwork’s intention is to create a peaceful space to heal internal and external conflicts.

Sarah Brooke Lyons presented her work November 11th at the Carver Community Cultural Center. 

Sujata Venkateswar and Greg Hinojosa

San Antonio, Texas

A musical collaboration between Greg Hinojosa, writer and theater artist, and Sujata Venkateswar, teacher and classical music vocalist, the performance Anamika traces the life of an immigrant from India to her life in the United States. The music draws from traditional Indian and popular American music, while the choreography explores the fusion of Indian dance with Latino, African American and popular dance forms.

The production Anamika, was performed on November 11th at The Carver: Jo Long Theater. 

Sutton Oaks Academy with Gary Schwartz

San Antonio, Texas and North Bend, Washington

Schwartz is a filmmaker, animator, director, artist & educator. In conjunction with Sutton Oaks Apartments youth, Schwartz created Staying in Motion. This series of stop-motion animations provides an intermodal perspective of the Sutton Oaks Apartments youths’ lives. The animations create an abstracted sense of space in a merging of soul and technology. 

Staying in Motion, was displayed at the Carver Community Cultural Center on November 11th. 

The Hays Bridge Poets

San Antonio, Texas

Coordinated by Octavio Quintanilla, the Hays Street Poets, are four celebrated voices of San Antonio, they each strive to be a poetic provocation to awaken social consciousness and higher thought.

Christopher "Rooster" Martinez is a graduate student at OLLU's MA/MFA program in Creative Writing, the 2014 Grand Slam Champion of San Antonio, and co-founder the Blah Poetry Spot.

Dionysus Don Mathis can be found at the writers’ group at Gemini Ink, Sun Poet’s Society, the Blah Blah Blah, and the Alamo Area Poets of Texas.

DaRell Darrell Pittman, a UT graduate, former SA public school teacher, crowned the PuroSlam Grand Slam Poetry Champion of San Antonio.

Anthony "The Poet" Flores He is a co-founder of Fresh Ink Under-21 Youth Poetry Slam, and performance collective The University Of The Spoken Word. 

The Hays Street Poets performed on the Hays Street Bridge November 10th. 

The Proximity of Being

San Antonio, Texas

This collaborative installation by Proximity of Being; Barbara Felix, Amber Ortega-Perez, James A Borrego, John Ward, and Charles Perez; explores relationships in states of solitude and connectedness. Improvisational movements of two people are captured on video and the footage is looped, cycling through their intimacy, together and alone. Film, 3D Projection mapping, and animated gesture drawings illustrate the yin and yang of the human experience.

The Proximity of Being installation was presented on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

The Renaissance Guild

San Antonio, Texas

The Divas of Eastwood - The Concert is an original musical review co-produced by The Renaissance Guild and The Carver Community Cultural Center.  A musical tribute to the Chitlin' Circuit's Eastwood Country Club, Keyhole Club and Carver Community Cultural Center, where San Antonio’s black community flouted segregation laws to enjoy artists like Etta James and Louis Armstrong. For the Luminaria performance, The Little Carver recreated these legendary venues with a live band and dance floor, performances.

The Renaissance Guild performed on November 11th at the Carver Community Cultural Center.

The Three Artistas

San Antonio, Texas

Collaborating under the name “The Three Artistas,” Oscar Alvarado, Jesse Borrego and Jacinto Guevara are melding genres to provide a unique mobile art experience. Built by Alvarado in 2015, BikeSpace a six-wheeled, multi-purpose people-powered vehicle will incorporate space for actor/poet/activist Borrego to perform on, and an al fresco studio space for painter Guevara. The roving BikeSpace will travel the Luminaria footprint through out the night festival for paintings to be made and performances to be seen.

The Three Artistas traveled the 2016 footprint to and from the Carver Community Cultural Center and the Dignowity / Lockwood Park on November 11th. 


San Antonio, Texas

Art collaborators Dakota and Zachary Applebaum and Felicia Salazar are an experimental rock band and masters of the liquid light show. The Artists create a blank slate environment wherin the audience is given participation to creat the liquid ligth show. Involving the mixture of oil, water, alcohol, and colored dye in glass plates the performance is always unique creating vibrant visual projections for the playful immersive rock music. 

Verisimilitude performed on November 11th at the Dignowity / Lockwood Park. 

Wuxi Gallery for Painting and Calligraphy

Wuxi, China

Traveling from San Antonio’s Sister City, Wuxi, the artists Mr. Chen Hao, Mr. Ge Qiang, and Ms. Geng Minxia will be exhibiting works of paintings or calligraphy. The Wuxi Art Gallery, located just west of Shanghai, is a downtown artist collective and gallery for painters, calligraphists and two-dimensional artists.

The Wuxi Gallery Artists' works were exhibited from November 8th - 12th at the Healy-Murphy Center. 

PO Box 120188, San Antonio, Texas 78212 (210) 721-1670