San Antonio's Contemporary Arts Festival
November 9 - 12, 2016

Our Team

Board of Directors

Liz Tullis, President

Gisela Girard, Vice-President

Susanne Cooper, Secretary

Paul Martin, Treasurer

Stuart Allen

Phil Hardberger, Founder

Cari Hill

Jane Lewis

Felix N. Padron

Eric Rodriguez

City of San Antonio Representation

Debbie Racca-Sittre, Executive Director
Department for Culture and Creative Development


Luminaria Press Event, March 22, 2016

Board Members Gisela Girard, Liz Tullis, Susanne Cooper, Paul Martin and Eric Rodriguez on San Antonio’s Hays Street Bridge
Photo by Sarah Brooke Lyons 


Are you intererested in being part of the Luminaria team?   Please send a letter / email of interest to Doard Development Committee care of the Executive Director - be sure to include full contact information and support materials. 

PO Box 120188, San Antonio, Texas 78212 (210) 721-1670